SMARTug Remote Control Aircraft Tugs… manufactured in the USA






Remote Control Aircraft Tugs SMARTech Industries, LLC – ‘SMARTug’ remotely control aircraft tugs for maneuvering aircraft in and around hangars and ramp areas. The design focus of SMARTug is to provide a platform that is truly easy to use, does not require physical strength to operate and allows the user the freedom to move around the aircraft, untethered from the tugs, to visually maintain safe distances with other aircraft or structures.

“The benefits of our SMARTug product line go beyond the ease of use, they literally can save you thousands of dollars. Hangar rash can be extremely costly and ground your aircraft, delaying a much needed vacation or important business trip,” says President, Jeff Schiedegger.

With SMARTug in your hangar, you have the freedom to walk around your aircraft and position it safely and smoothly where you want it and unlike most other aircraft maneuvering devices, you don’t have to wrestle with those awkward, heavy or dirty tugs that limits your ability to see what is near your aircraft. Additionally, the SMARTug eliminates the need for those heavy, hard to attach tow bars and the risks associated with nose gear turn limits and side load stresses. SMARTug also keeps your aircraft secure to the tug with our Electric Winch System so your plane stay right where you want it.