‘Peace of Mind’

If keeping your investment SAFE, SECURE AND UNDER CONTROL is important to you, we have the TUG for your ‘peace of mind’.

At SMARTug, we believe a tug should be easy to use, require little physical strength to operate and make your life more efficient.

SMARTug offers a line of Patent Pending remotely controlled tugs to maneuver aircraft in and around hangars and ramps.

The design focus of SMARTug is to provide a platform that is truly easy to use, does not require physical strength to operate and allows the operator to move freely around the aircraft, untethered from the tug, to visually maintain safe distances with other aircraft or structures.

SMARTug is based in SE Florida and we are proud to say we manufacture our products in the USA. We are also committed to developing and utilizing domestic suppliers whenever possible.

SMARTug was born out of passion…
a passion for aviation and product development but foremost, a passion for problem solving.





Upgrades are not an ‘Option’ with our products, it’s standard.

SMARTug’s low profile provides exceptional prop clearance for those larger single engine aircraft.



Our SMARTug M3, is currently approved up to 10,000 lbs. GMOW and our M4 for aircraft up to 20,000+ lbs. GMOW.

The SMARTug line operates on a secure, wireless frequency to prevent interference from random radio signals. Additionally, the control has a ‘Fail-Safe’ feature which stops the vehicle should the signal from the remote control be lost.

SMARTug is also engineered to minimize stress to the nose gear via the, Patent Pending drive system programming.



SMARTug employs GREEN Technology!

This all electric vehicle is equipped with an on-board electric hydraulic system to gently lift and lower the aircraft nose gear providing added ground clearance for maneuvering over hanger door thresholds.  As an added benefit, lifting the nose gear provides added clearance under hanger door openings for the tail of your aircraft.

SMARTug is also equipped with a loading lighting for nighttime operations and easy to use controls for loading and lifting.  Avoid getting dirty or greasy with the integrated winch and lifting system which loads and secures your aircraft gently with the push of a button – NO hand cranking a winch or pumping a hydraulic jack.


SMARTug also features a unique Patent Pending ‘Yoke Hook System’

This system attaches easily to the yoke and stay in place even before the winch is tensioned.

This unique design stays clear of any linkages as well as the highly polished surface of the strut to prevent damage.

Additionally, the Yoke Hook is coated with an engineered elastomer material to protect the painted surface of the nose gear yoke.


SMARTug is intended to be versatile.

We offer accessories that can assist with tasks beyond managing your aircraft.  If you use your hanger for storage of an RV, the ‘Receiver Attachment’ will allow you to position your boat or trailer precisely where you need it to maximize the space you have available.






SMARTug is excited to announce we are currently developing a new product which will offer an exciting new Patent Pending drive system designed for airfields subject to snow.

 SMARTug is a division of SMARTech INDUSTRIES, LLC